W1S1 [nɔt US na:t] adv
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: nought]
1.) used to make a word, statement, or question negative
Most of the stores do not open until 10am.
She's not a very nice person.
You were wrong not to inform the police.
'Can we go to the park?' 'No, not today, dear.'
not at all/not ... at all
(=used to emphasize what you are saying)
The changes were not at all surprising.
I do not like his attitude at all.
2.) used in order to make a word or expression have the opposite meaning
Edinburgh isn't far now.
The food is not very good there.
not a lot/much/many etc
(=only a few, only a little etc)
Not much is known about the disease.
Not many people have read the report.
Most of the hotels are not that cheap (=they are fairly expensive) .
3.) used instead of a whole phrase, to mean the opposite of what has been mentioned before it
No one knows if the story is true or not .
I hope to see you tomorrow, but if not , leave me a message.
'Is Mark still sick?' 'I hope not .'
→↑so1 (4)
4.) not only
in addition to being or doing something
not only ... (but) also ...
Shakespeare was not only a writer but also an actor.
not only do/will/can etc
Not only do the nurses want a pay increase, they want reduced hours as well.
5.) not a/not one
not any person or thing
Not one of the students knew the answer.
There wasn't a cloud in the sky.
Not a single person said thank you.
6.) not that ...
used before a sentence or phrase to mean the opposite of what follows it, and to make the previous sentence seem less important
Sarah has a new boyfriend - not that I care (=I do not care) .
Janice had lost some weight, not that it mattered (=it did not matter) .
7.) not at all
spoken especially BrE used to be polite when someone has thanked you or asked you to do something
'Would you mind helping me with my suitcase?' 'Not at all.'
8.) - not!
spoken used, especially by young people, to say that you really mean the opposite of what you have just said
I really enjoy spending my day working here - not!
not half athalf3 (5), not to say atsay1 (44)
Do not use another negative word (no, nothing, nobody, never etc) with not. Use any, anything, anybody, ever etc: I haven't got any (NOT haven't got no) money. |I didn't know anybody (NOT didn't know nobody).

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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